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What is Montessori?

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“What is Montessori?”

Curious about Montessori education but unsure how it differs from traditional methods?  In this free downloadable guide, you’ll discover how Montessori fosters independence, a love of learning, and a strong foundation for your child’s future success!

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Not everyone understands what Montessori is all about. You will gain an understanding of how the Montessori approach differs from the conventional schooling model.

You will know important people who went to Montessori schools, such as the founders of Google, Amazon, and SimCity. You will also learn that even William, the Prince of Wales, chose Montessori for his children.
You will learn the three essential pillars of Montessori education and see how they work together to create a successful learning environment for your child.

As a parent or early childhood educator, you can learn and implement Montessori principles to help your child blossom and reach their full potential.

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About the Author

Sony Vasandani

Sony, the founder of Academy of Montessori, has over 20 years of experience in Montessori education starting with her own conventional preschools that she converted to Montessori schools. She developed online courses to empower parents and educators globally and has trained thousands from over 30 countries.  Her passion lies in helping children reach their full potential through Montessori methods.

A few words from Sony...


In this digital era, we can find abundant resources and information about Montessori on the internet or social media. More than 20 years ago, when I first encountered Montessori, I perceived it as an antiquated methodology, questioning its relevance in today’s world.

Upon learning and understanding this methodology, everything began to make a lot of sense and its implementation has a lot of benefits. Maria Montessori developed her Montessori Method over 100 years ago which shows her remarkable foresight. In the last few decades, an increasing number of educational institutions have embraced her methodology. Ongoing research on children, their learning styles, and brain development provides support for the effectiveness of the Montessori method.

Montessori stands as a proven and highly recommended teaching method today, particularly for children in their early years.

I created this e-book for parents and teachers who are passionate about children’s education and want to assist children in reaching their maximum potential.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of children. 

Hand in hand, we can contribute to the transformation of children’s education.

What reader says..

This E-book was an eye-opener to what Montessori really is about. As a parent and also a kindergarten teacher, I totally agree that every child is unique and we need to be very mindful of how we raise and educate children. I have started learning and implementing Montessori principles at home and in my classroom and it makes such a BIG difference!

Ursula Rebecca – Pennsylvania, US

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